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Why NBC Shouldn’t Have Canceled “The New Normal”

10 May

(Video) So, It’s National Pi Day….

14 Mar

And, no, I didn’t forget the “E” at the end. It’s the mathematical pi, not the edible one… National Pi Day turns 25 today. Since I’ve never been good at math, I’m probably not the best person to explain the concept nor am I qualified to comment on whether even having a National Pi Day [...]

What’s YOUR Name Again?

12 Mar

After Spring comes Summer… the season where annual conferences of all types generally hold their annual conventions. If you’re someone like me, who has religiously attended one or more professional conferences for more than a decade, you are bound to run into a lot of the same people year after year. Some of them you [...]

Meditation: Oprah and Chopra’s 21-Day Challenge

10 Mar

Meditation challenge

Oprah and Deepak Chopra have announced that tomorrow, March 11th, they are launching a 21-day meditation challenge. I will be joining them… Will you? Did I mention this 21-day meditation challenge is free to join? It takes just two seconds to sign up via this link:¬†Oprah/Chopra 21-day Meditation Challenge In a post I wrote here [...]

Picture of the Week….

8 Mar

I loved this picture of President Obama playing in the snow with his two daughters, Sasha and Malia. ¬†It’s a reminder to work hard and play hard, especially when a fresh mound of white snow awaits you!

My Experience with Foster Care and Homelessness

7 Mar

Ten Things To Remember As You Make Your Way Through Life…

6 Mar

Never Stop Learning…

5 Mar

No matter how old you are, you should always try to learn new things. Not only does learning prevent you from becoming stagnant but it keeps your mind fresh and it expands your worldview. Recently I wrote about on one way to ensure that you are still learning new things — by setting a goal [...]

Art is Life and Life is Art….And Both Are Everywhere

4 Mar

Stop Getting In Your Own Way!

3 Mar

Words of Wisdom: Sometimes we have a tendency to get in our own way without even realizing it. We believe so strongly we are headed in the right direction until we hit a brick wall. Sometimes it’s because we are stubborn, other times we get in our own way by putting things off. There are [...]

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